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Florentus Soil Universal PotGrond - 10L



Florentus Universal Grade A potting soil - 10L


Universal Compost


培養基配方 NFU: 44-551 – NPK 14-16-18

乾物質: 25%
有機物: 80%
PH: 6
電導率: 40mS/m
肥料: (NFU: 42-001): NPK 14-16-18 1.2kg/m²
保水能力: 600ml/l

生產商:  Florentus

Universal Soil 5L Florentus Universal Soil 5L for indoor plants and for the garden. Florentus Universal Grade A potting soil is made from superior raw materials. Potting soil based on brown peat, blond peat, fertilizers based on calcium, magnesium and other fertilizers.

For universal use in the home and garden. The soil is suitable for all uses, both indoors and outdoors. Do not use for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons and heathers.

This soil is enriched with a special mixture of fertilizers supplemented with trace elements. Florentus potting soil contains enough nutrients for the first 6-8 weeks.

Culture medium NFU: 44-551 – NPK 14-16-18
Dry matter: 25%
Organic matter: 80%
PH: 6
Conductivity: 40mS/m
Fertilizer (NFU: 42-001): NPK 14-16-18 1.2kg/m²
Water retention capacity: 600ml/l

Florentus Soil Universal PotGrond - 10L