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通用型顆粒肥 |All Purpose Fertillizer


通用型顆粒肥 |All Purpose Fertillizer




推薦用量 Recommend Dosage:

用前先搖勻,直接唧射於土壤中, 然後照常澆水,每七至十天使用一次。

8-12cm盆        1 羹

13-20cm盆     2 羹

25-30cm盆    4  羹 



養份含量 Nutrient content:

 除大量元素氮(15%),磷酐(15%),氧化鉀(15%)外,還含有植物茁壯成長所需的螯合態微量元素,讓植物更容易吸收。微量素總含量    0.5%  In addition to macroelement nitrogen (15%), phosphoric anhydride (15%), and potassium oxide (15%), it also contains chelated trace elements that plants need to thrive, making it easier for plants to absorb. Total trace element content


!!!Keep the product away from children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion!!!

通用型顆粒肥 |All Purpose Fertillizer